Damaged in the core

Do you know yourself so well to realise how much damaged you truly are? It takes a lot of strength to accept it when you understand the depths of your true self. The journey within the interior of your core is the toughest journey anyone can take. Noone knows what the outcome will be, many … Continue reading Damaged in the core


Human 2.0

This is a superb LinkedIn post and I needed to save this but more than that, I need anyone who needs to find themselves hear this podcast. Trust me, you need to hear it. https://www.linkedin.com/feed/update/urn:li:ugcPost:6467400446913888256

Forgetting everything

Remembrance is a poison That kills my inside slowly Creeping into my motivation To be anything in life anymore. When the remembrance hits you in ways of pain and your insides scream for relief from the constant fatigue of fighting off tears, you know it is time to shed your past and put on new … Continue reading Forgetting everything

Living in my head

A Universe in itself I carry inside my head Different nations different continents form a part of it Divided into fragments A World I am unable to recognise anymore Created with love Broken by love It's difficult to maintain harmony In the universe that is now dominated by pain

My Love I remember Us

When relationships break, there is a part of us that is unable to let go of the person who once encompassed our whole world. The situation is tough to handle when the heart is screaming in pain from knowing that the person whom you woke up next to every day of that relationship is now … Continue reading My Love I remember Us

A World I don’t recognise anymore

Am I the only one who feels forsaken by all, including the one and only Almighty? Is there any one else who feels like the way I do? Has your World been so upside down that you can't remember it ever being normal? Have you ever felt so special and privileged that God remembers to … Continue reading A World I don’t recognise anymore

The Advice received from my Soul

I hope to listen and act I am trying my best to find my strength in my broken wings I am trying to collect all my broken pieces for each is an integral part of me though in fragments I am trying to put them together Watching myself in third person Wondering what is forming … Continue reading The Advice received from my Soul

Flying with broken wings

Life gives us all an opportunity Sometimes equal sometimes life is biased Yet we have a lifetime to be who we truly are Till the body is ready to be discarded. Just because we have a lifetime Doesn't mean we need to procrastinate living As we are meant to be Just as we are destined … Continue reading Flying with broken wings

Become the fragrance of Love

#givinglove #unconditionallove Love is the most wanted Yet the ultimate missing emotion today Everyone wants to receive While giving when only they receive And then there are fools like me Who go on through their lives Asking people to let me love you For I got an excessive gift of love Now you would think … Continue reading Become the fragrance of Love

Being at an ebb

Loving and caring Sharing and learning Makes a relationship worth the effort. But after the initial effect of love has worn off comes the real deal. To make it work. Using all the experience of time spent together to be ready to give 80% when the other can sum up only 20%. I am at … Continue reading Being at an ebb

Waiting for the right time

Sitting around Waiting Does not stop The hands of clock. Zeptoseconds pass In a blink of an eye Leaving behind Questions for me. Time will never change Time will never wait Time will never stop It is all an illusion Waiting for the right time Wasting away the given time Lying on deathbed Lamenting for … Continue reading Waiting for the right time

Inner Mirror

Let me Smile Just one more time I remember telling myself some time ago Learning from fall's and picking up the pieces Broken, Damaged and Some Crushed. Looking back has never yielded Anything fruitful When the images are grey And cracks are displayed Painful memories kept at bay. One day tiredness Seeping into the moment … Continue reading Inner Mirror

Love is a crazy feeling

Love is a crazy feeling we all know But the essence of crazy is further driven into unbridled passion When nature decides to add to the romance. I am sure you all will agree That there have been times when the soft wind The open sky, a starlit night Has been the best time you … Continue reading Love is a crazy feeling

My Prayer for You

A prayer I say As I lay down to sleep For all those who send me love And good wishes indeed Also for the ones Who like me not so much I pray for love and compassion To engulf all the hearts Take away the struggles Else give them the strength to bear And fill … Continue reading My Prayer for You

Change the World

How does one Change the world Why does one want to change the world Is it really required Who are we to try to change the world The only thing that is in our hands to change is ourselves Our thoughts Our mindset Our opinions Our views Our emotions Our hatred Our intolerance Our Prejudices … Continue reading Change the World

Life is about…

Life is about living Life is about giving Life is about cherishing Life is about kindness

Create a new YOUniverse

Life is not about only broken heart's nor is it about only failures. Life teaches us how to live in the experiences that it gives. Some may have it all together while some make seem to be torn by a hurricane, these are just a few incidents that make up our composition. The experiences of … Continue reading Create a new YOUniverse

Death of a relationship

Once a giver of smiles, Now a river of tears left behind. Once a reason to smile, Now just a memory of sadness. Once a bunch of butterflies fluttering in my stomach, Now just a twisted knot of painful remembrance. Once where dreams were born, Now just a ruin of old broken hopes. Once when … Continue reading Death of a relationship

Dead Leaves on Tree of Life

  Time keeps moving ahead. So does our Life. The Universe is in constant movement, as energy constantly changes it’s form. We are evolving too in ways we don’t even notice many times. Our body cells continue to renew, our dead skin keeps shedding so does our nails and hair follicles. Yet our mind stays … Continue reading Dead Leaves on Tree of Life

Fooled by Love

I was a Fool to ignore the signals The ones, loud and clear which were being sent to me. My heart has always been a fool To think that we had something special I mistook your motives as love Overlooking the danger to my heart. An ignorant fool to think about goodness in you When … Continue reading Fooled by Love